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Welcome to site of Similabda Ltd.

Dear Visitors,

I’m Ferenc Szabó director of Similabda Ltd.

The Similabda LP. is a little family firm but we are a succesful team.

Our  firm improves builds and operates an extrem pilot trainer, its fantasy name is "Gripen Test".

We already were a lots of airshow like an exhibitor for example Friedrichshafen Aero Expo, Kecskemét Airshow, Czech Intarnational Airshow and we constantly look for the possibilities to go other fairs, festival and airshow. See links down.

We are in the amusement business since 1991.




Our campany other activity the marketing of the Spanish Salysol products. We sell them a lots of hotels, bar, pub.




Our firm third activity working of mechanic vending machines. This machines can give small toys in capsules

And we have an other kind wich can work wtih Salysol products.

We have new and used machines and toys and capsules.

If you have any question not hesitate ask more informatin write an e-mail for us. Or see our site: Vending

What is „Similabda”?

Similabda is a traditional Hungarian fair toy which is full of           sawdust  treaded around with thread supplied with rubber.


Made by Frankosan

Similabda Bt, Gripen Test, Salysol